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Services SUMMARY

Real Estate Services


Upgrading? Downsizing? Relocating? Let me assist you with selling your old home and/or buying a new one while you focus on your new life in your next home.

Selling a home to a family member? I can help you get the paperwork done efficiently and correctly the first time.



Let me help find your next investment property. As your REALTOR, I can assist you with finding great deals and properties with built in equity, saving you lots of time and money.

First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is an important decision and can be an intimidating process. I can guide you through these steps and connect you with resources to make your home buying process simple while you focus on finding the home your heart loves.

Business Owners

As a business owner myself, I know how important the decision is to purchase your first commercial space. I want to help you with this process and do the footwork while you focus on running your business.


Luxury Home Buying

My personal business and brand 100K Properties is in the pleasantries business. Let us assist you with finding and closing on the luxurious home of your dreams! Our team assists with the purchase of furnished and unfurnished homes as well as New Construction homes! Our attention to detail can ensure that your new home is fine crafted to the highest standard! Let us wow you with our service in this special area while you focus on picking your statement pieces for the main  entrance and paint colors.


Historical Home Buying

I learned a lot from my parents’ first 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom mammoth in a historical area. These are “special projects” with their own restrictions. There are inspections that must be passed when changes are made to a historical home to retain its value. I can assist you with purchasing your first historical home and teach you about protecting your gem along the way.


Rental Packages

Let us prepare a rental package and find the right home for you!

Check out our rentals page to see the available listings!


Felony-Friendly Landlords

Returning citizens need love too right? Let us help you find an house or apartment that will work with your background.

Property Management

We work with out-of-state Landlords!

Airbnb Management

Let our teams assist you with managing your AirBnB rentals while you focus on scaling up!

Residential Property Management

Looking for someone to manage your residential property? Look no further. Our team of experienced property managers will help you keep your property maintained and your tenant requests answered, all while collecting rents and sending any needed notices while you sit back and collect rent. How great is that?!

Commercial/Multi-Unit Property Management

Let us help you manage your commercial or multi-unit property. You can staff your multi-unit or apartment building with one of our property managers. Our property managers have a commitment to providing excellent service to our clients and our tenants. We help maintain your property, balance books, and keep your units occupied. Can it get any sweeter than that?!

Home Design

Smart Home Design

Let's smarten up those bricks. As an engineer, I can assist designing your dream smart home system including adding Alexa and Siri to your home to control lighting, blinds, door locks, audio systems, heating/cooling and more. 

Home Staging

Need to spruce up your home before a sale? With my home staging service, I can add decor, rearrange furniture, and expertly dressing up the home to make it look stunning for listing photos and walkthroughs.

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